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Neck Sling

Suffering from neck and back pain? Neck Sling can give you lasting pain relief in just 10 minutes a day.

Are you suffering from stiffness, migraines, stress, loss of sleep, and constant pain?  Now you can relax as tension melts away, leaving you feeling alert and rejuvenated.

It works on any door in your home. Built safe, sturdy, and reliable.

Stop paying thousands for chiropractor visits that only provide temporary relief. Instead, get permanent results for a fraction of the price with the Doctor Approved and Recommended Neck Sling today.

The Neck Sling provides immediate and lasting pain relief in just 10 minutes a day. It gently releases muscle tension and safely decompresses vertebrae.  Simply relax as your neck and back pain vanish along with those pesky migraines. 


  • Doctor Recommended: Featured on Dr. Oz as one of the best health finds in 2018.
  • Lasting Pain Relief: Uses Cervical Traction to gently stretch muscles and release tension. Improves posture and increases blood flow for lasting results from painful and annoying symptoms.
  • Easy and Safe to Use: Works on any door in your home and only takes a few seconds to set up. Once it's connected, simply relax as tension melts away.
  • Portable: Includes an easy storage spandex bag for travel or storage. Take it anywhere for instant pain relief on the go. All you need is a door, some privacy, and 10 minutes!

Whether you suffer from poor posture, muscle spasms, or pinched nerves, the Neck Sling is the safest, most natural solution available. It's time to finally get rid of your chronic pain. 

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